Flea Treatment- Our holistic shampoo kills fleas and ticks without the use of pesticides or harsh chemicals....$12.00 extra

Temporary Tattoo

We offer a spray on temporary tatoo. Several symbols and designs avalable.


Come on in any time during business hours;no appointment needed...$10.00

De-Skunk- let us help you get rid of that smell with our professional de-skunk option....$15.00 extra

Blueberry Facial

Teeth Brushing

Nail Polish

Bling Bling

Therapeutic Soak

An aroma-therapeutic facial massage and coat brightener.  Relaxing and cleansing for those  tough tear stains. Your pet will walk out smelling like a sweet blueberry!

Using an all natural toothpaste to brush your pets teeth. This helps fight against common dental issues like bad breath, plaque and tarter build -up. 

 Make your dog stand out. Available in any color for a fashionable look! Keep up with the holidays and get a  color to match.

Add a splash of flair to any coat. Available in many colors and designs. Will stay in pets hair till their ready for a new one, simply pinch clasp open to remove.

Let your pet stand out from the rest! Temporary gems anywhere held on by a non-toxic glue that is easily removed with olive oil.

A special shampoo infused with essential oils to help pets suffering from bone, joint,and muscle pain. While the shampoo is working, a gentle massage is given to relax and rejuvenate.

Feather Extension

Full Grooming Package

Includes haircut, styling, a bath, blow drying, ear cleaning, nail trimming, anal gland expression, scented spritz, and bow/bandana.


Buy any 2 a la carte' add-ons and get the 3rd one FREE!

$5.00 each








      A la Carte'

Green Collar Grooming is pleased to offer an all natural service for dogs and cats that have your furry friends and enviroment in mind. We use aroma therapy daily to create a sense of balance and well being for an anxiety- free environment.

Basic Grooming Package

Includes a bath, blow drying, ear cleaning, nail trim, brushing, minor hair trimming, anal gland expression, scented spritz, and bow/bandana.


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