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During construction we will be participating in a loyalty card for the city. We will also have our own deals each month! Keep an eye out for whats in store!

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Going green is very important to us! By using eco friendly products and holistic practices we can create a sense of health and happiness for our pets and their groomer. Wellness in mind, body, and spirit is well worth the effort!

Green Collar Grooming is an all natural grooming salon that has your furry friend and our environment in mind. Your pet will be groomed with high quality, all natural, biodegradable earthbath products. These products offer effective solutions for the unique needs of your pet such as relief from itching, odor, sensitive skin, combating pest and more.


We also use aroma therapy daily to create a sense of balance and well-being for an anxiety free environment. We are striving to make use of the most updated holistic practices to make sure your pet has the best possible experience while in our care.


It is a source of pride for us that the products that we use and sell are solely made in the United States of America. Small businesses are what make this country strong and were so proud to be apart of it!


Does your dog get scared around fireworks?
Check out our new scents from Pup & Pony essential oils! All 4 scents (Confident K-9, Happy Trails, Horse Whisperer, Show Ready) help with different types of anxiety and relaxation.

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